White People, What Are You Doing To End Racism

White People, What Are You Doing to End Racism Honestly what are you doing? . . because we are tired… . . . Black people are tired… . . . Indigenous people are tired… . . Mexican people are tired… . . Chinese people are tired… Japanese people, Iranian people, Indian people, Taiwanese people, SouthContinue reading “White People, What Are You Doing To End Racism”

A Wednesday Word from the Director

Dear Community, Can you believe today is the last day of May? This month we’ve seen a bevy of amazing activity and events at 540WMain. The center featured a number of new classes and events including: Mother’s Day Vegan Brunch Zumba Raising Chickens for Beginners Intro to Kombucha Making Vegan Pop Up Gluten Free TourContinue reading “A Wednesday Word from the Director”