Rochester Makers Gift Shop

Current Season/Semester: Summer

The Gift Shop is full for the summer season. This summer’s selection is curated from five local women owned businesses.

If you would like to submit an application to participate in the Fall season please submit the webform below.


The Rochester Makers Gift Shop is located inside the Gallery Atrium of 540WMain Community Learning Academy.

In a Nutshell

The selection of vendors and products rotate with our seasonal semesters to ensure diversify and variety in the gift shop. All vendors selected must be local to the region and be artists or handmakers. Products must be safe for those with celiac disease or gluten sensitives as well as rooted in art, health, education or wellness. All products in the featured need to be handmade and/or natural. Priority will be given to handmade products. The shop is commission based with vendors receiving a check of  60% of sales monthly.

How to Apply

There is a single time $25 maintenance fee for all vendors if they are invited to participate in a season.  This covers setup, photography, and social media promotion of their brand and products.

Vendors apply on a rolling basis and change each semester to allow for a diverse array of vendors to promote their handmade products.

If you are interested in being a gift shop vendor for a future semester please submit the form below.

You will be contacted directly if there is an interest in your work. Please do not call 540WMain regarding vending for the gift shop.


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