All classes are held virtually through Zoom with ASL interpreting.
*We have moved to a “gift economy” structure for all classes, meaning although this content does have a cost to us an organization, we trust you to select an option that is right for you. This may be based on your ability to pay, want to support our organization, or what you feel is an equitable price. See each class for specific pricing & scholarship details. 

  • Decluttering Your Life: Minimalism Basics
  • Tuesday, February 9 | 7 PM | Register here
  • Learn how minimalism can help you take back your power, save you money, and help you find peace of mind.

  • Black History Didn’t Start with Slavery
  • Wednesday, February 17 | 6 PM | Register here
  • Join us for a candid and engaging virtual class about the diversity of African history before the transatlantic slave trade.


  • Codeswitching 101
  • Tuesday, March 2 | 7 PM | Register here
  • This training provides an overview and basic understanding of the social factors of code switching.

  • Introduction to Intersectional Environmental Justice
  • Tuesday, March 9 | 6 PM | Register here
  • Students will be guided through the exploration of how current & emerging climate and environmental justice advocates can be more inclusive.

  • Introduction to Implicit and Unconscious Bias
  • Thursday, March 18 | 7 PM | Register here
  • This online class will teach you how to understand implicit bias at a personal and social level.

  • Introduction to Intersectional Feminism
  • Thursday, March 25 | 7 PM | Register here
  • In this introductory class, participants will explore the concept of intersectionality & the definition of intersectional feminism.


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