Ernest Flagler-Mitchell Needs to Resign

Ernest Flagler-Mitchell Needs to Resign Two phrases that stuck with me the most from a summer of marches and protests: All Black Lives Matter We throw no one under the bus. I felt these in my heart and soul. It is important to not dismiss anyone in our fight for equality, no matter what. AndContinue reading “Ernest Flagler-Mitchell Needs to Resign”

A First Amendment Primer (Since Some of Y’all Are Confused)

A First Amendment Primer (Since Some of Y’all Are Confused) The number of adult humans who don’t understand how the First Amendment works and what censorship truly looks like is sad, astounding, and expected all as the same time. This isn’t a Millennials/Gen Z problem, nor is it a Boomer problem (us Gen Xers areContinue reading “A First Amendment Primer (Since Some of Y’all Are Confused)”

A Tale of Two Protests by Chris Thompson

A Tale of Two Protests  Yesterday the 6th day of January in the year 2021,  I spent the entire day seeing the United States of America’s hypocrisy on full display domestically in the most explosive fashion I have ever seen. Not happy with the Presidential election results, hordes of Trump supporters descended upon Washington, DC,Continue reading “A Tale of Two Protests by Chris Thompson”

“Defund the Police” Means “Defund the Police”

“Defund the Police” Means “Defund the Police” “Defund the Police” means “Defund the Police”. Folks don’t need to “rebrand” the phrase. We don’t need to make it palatable for a broader audience. I don’t care what prominent Negro you cite who thinks the phrase is too “harsh”. It means what it means and the creatorsContinue reading ““Defund the Police” Means “Defund the Police””