Existing While Black at The University of Rochester

Existing While Black at The University of Rochester The University was my first “career” job out of college (PWI; RIT) way back in 2006 and like so many other BIPOC ( Black , Indegenous, People of Color) people. I have stories of overt racism and covert microagressions during my tenure as a staff member ofContinue reading “Existing While Black at The University of Rochester”

Summer Intern Spotlight | Adam Hopson

We are pleased to spotlight Adam Hopson who has joined the 540Team a few weeks ago as our EJ Research Intern for Summer 2020 About Adam   Adam is a rising Junior at the University of Rochester, studying Biochemistry and Environmental Studies. He is serving as an Urban Fellow through the University of Rochester Urban FellowsContinue reading “Summer Intern Spotlight | Adam Hopson”

A Wednesday Word From The Director | Cherish The Present Day

Dear Community, Last week I promised a deep introspective post and now (today) I am just not feeling like writing a lengthy post. So often we hold ourselves to incredibly high standards, set these lofty expectations and then stress out when our reality doesn’t match the thing we envisioned. I have been learning and practicingContinue reading “A Wednesday Word From The Director | Cherish The Present Day”

A (Thursday) Word From the Director | Nothing Stays The Same

Dear Community, The month of June hit us all like a wrecking ball and I am still trying to process everything that happened. It feels as if a years worth of life was packed into one month and adding all that to the “brave new world” of COVID-19 pandemic has me reeling. Thankfully, I amContinue reading “A (Thursday) Word From the Director | Nothing Stays The Same”

Dear White Led Organizations by Calvin Eaton

In the wake of recent #BlackLivesMatter civil unrest, protests, and uprisings 540WMain (like so many other Black led organizations) received a deluge of training, workshop, and consultation requests. The following letter is an edited version of a correspondence I recently shared with one of the white led organizations that reached out to 540WMain. As anContinue reading “Dear White Led Organizations by Calvin Eaton”