Top 10 Most Viewed Blog Posts of 2020

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Dear Community,

Our blog was buzzing with a diverse array of content throughout the year. When we kicked off 2020 we had a goal and tagline to “Scale Up 2020”. Little did we know how much the world would change in a way that we could have never predicted. We scaled up in 2020 and then some. This year had no shortage of headline making stories and events to write about and we are so thankful and grateful for the care and time that our bloggers put into every single one of their articles. Despite the unprecedented nature of 2020 our online reach grew bigger and farther than we could have ever expected as we pivoted from having a brick and mortar space in the historical Susan B. Anthony neighborhood to now being completely virtual. This shift allows us to truly scale our brand and reach a following that is no longer limited to any one place and allows us to grow into our mantra of “education without borders.”

The Stats

  • 540Blog was viewed 54,527 times in 2019 
  • 540Blog was viewed 63,515 times in 2020
  • This is an increase of 86% in viewership 

These views came from 36,544 people from all over the world (but mostly from the United States) 

  • 540Blog had 36,544 unique visitors in 2020 

540Blog content is reaching people from 158 countries (up from 60 countries in 2019)

For this year’s “list” there were several blogs that held users attention from 2019 and even 2018 and we look forward to even more dynamic content in 2021.

Top 10 Most Viewed 540Blog Posts of 2020

#1.  28 Days of Little Known Facts About Black American History | Paul Downing | 2/5/2018 (1,549 views )
#2. Dear White Led Organizations by Chris Thompson | 6/19/2020 (1,429 views)

#3. Phillis Wheatley: The First Great American Writer by John Strazzabosco| 2/16/2020 (1,239 views)
#4. Despite Taking Precautions I Still Contracted COVID-19 by Calvin Eaton | 6/17/2020 (1,196 views)

#5. Rochester’s Curfew: A Modern Day Black Code and Racist Nuisance Laws by Chris Thompson | 7/28/2020 (1,082 views)

#6. 28 Days of Little Known Facts About (Black) American History | Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner and Mildred Davidson Austin Smith | 2/15/2018 (1,044 views)

#8. White People, What Are You Doing To End Racism by Calvin Eaton | 5/28/2020 (872 views)

#8. Jose Peo’s Racist Rant About Black Folks is the Abysmal Status Quo by Chris Thompson | 4/15/2020 (870 views)
#9. Sit Down, Randy: The Myth of Bootstrap Pulling Chris Thompson | 5/24/2019 (865 views)

#10. Vivian “Millie” Bailey | 2nd Annual Digital Black History Month Education Campaign 2/24/2019 (826 views)

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Published by Calvin Eaton

(he/his/him) Calvin Eaton is a disabled community educator, content creator, and social entrepreneur, whose area of expertise includes antiracism, equity, justice, instructional design, and program development. In 2016 Mr. Eaton founded 540WMain, Inc. a non-profit online and community-based organization for accessible education and events that promote justice for all.

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