Do’s and Don’ts for This Unprecedented Pandemic Holiday Season

Hotel guests with protective face masks are keeping social distance in the hotel restaurant

Do’s and Don’ts for This Unprecedented Pandemic Holiday Season 

DON’T go to your family’s house if you can help it

I know it’s Thanksgiving and we want to share the day with those who mean the most to us. However, we are also in the midst of a pandemic. Normal doesn’t exist anymore. We now have to operate differently to stay safe and keep our family safe.

DO wear a mask

Wherever you do choose to spend the holiday, if it’s around other people, be sure to wear a mask and be socially distant. This rise in cases is honestly nerve racking. I personally didn’t know anyone with COVID during the first wave. Now, I have had several family members and co-workers test positive. This second wave is tougher and stronger and we really have to look out for each other. 

DON’T embarrass plus sized/fat loved ones

It takes 0% energy to mind your business. Let fat people enjoy the holiday just like you will. Getting a second plate, or eating at all, is not something fat people should feel ashamed about. Many of us feel anxiety leading up to holidays, especially Thanksgiving. Even on days when people are encouraged to eat, fat people are still shamed and mistreated. Give people the respect they deserve no matter their size. 

DO bring up politics and social justice. 

Now, some wouldn’t classify politics as acceptable dinner table conversation. I say otherwise. Bring up how terrible Trump is, bring up Black Lives Matter and how trans individuals need to fall under that umbrella and be protected. Bring up how anti-masking is the new anti-vaxxing and shouldn’t be tolerated. Bring this all up because if you’re in the right circle, everyone will join in on how to dismantle these racist and unjust systems. If you’re not, you need to be doing your part to make racists and transphobes feel uncomfortable. Challenge their ignorance and stand your ground for those who can’t do it themselves. 

DON’T feel obligated to go see family

Seeing family can be mentally draining. I remember my freshman year of college, I was so homesick I couldn’t wait to go back for Thanksgiving break. I missed my mom, my nieces and nephews. Then I went back and remembered why I was so eager to leave in the first place. Every family has drama. Some more than others, but drama nonetheless can really drain you. Especially, as a fat, bisexual women because I get comments about how I look like I’ve lost weight or how I should lose weight. And comments about my sexuality. I love my family, but not enough to disrupt my peace. Do what’s best for you. Find your chosen family or enjoy the day watching Christmas movies alone. Just don’t feel like you have to put yourself through  unnecessary trauma. 

DO respect pronouns

There are a lot of trans folk who won’t be spending the holiday with their family because they refuse to accept pronouns. Respect people’s pronouns, their names, and their bodies. Period.

Enjoy the holiday and be safe. 

About Brianna Milon

Brianna is local media professional who loves writing, watching Netflix, and playing with her dog, Weenie and her cat, Fancy. She studied Journalism and Broadcasting at SUNY Brockport and was heavily involved in the campus radio station. Brianna also co-hosts a radio show, “Fat, Black, and Femme”, on 100.9 WXIR. You can find out more on Facebook and Blogspot.

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