540WMain Partners with St. John Fisher College’s Center for Sustainability for Community Engaged Learning Project

540WMain is excited to partner with The Center for Sustainability at St. John Fisher College for a community-engaged learning project during the spring semester

Students engaged in this work will work with 540WMain through their Environmental Issues course taught by Michael Boller, Associate Professor and Program Director. Throughout the duration of the course students will work with 540WMain Founding Director Calvin Eaton in capacity building, research, and planning centered around the Teaching Courtyard; 540WMain’s hub for environmental justice and sustainability programming.

Key features of this work will include:
  • Research the history of the Susan B. Anthony neighborhood and how environmental justice looked in history vs. the present (culturally rich, predominantly black).
  • Research the history of the natural environment and ask how did change impact physical and natural environment and its people?
  • Develop environmental justice and urban agriculture curriculum for different ages school age -Adult
  • and much more

This collaboration and capacity building work will culminate with an Earth Week event that honors environmental sustainability.

We are excited to have The Center for Sustainability as 540WMain’s first major university collaboration of the new year and cannot wait to document this dynamic work as it unfolds over the course of the next few months on our digital and social media platforms.

Say’s Calvin Eaton, Founding Director, 540WMain

“I’m truly thankful for Michael Boller and Lynn Donahue for asking 540WMain to be a part of this important collaborative work around environmental justice and sustainability. Leveraging key college and university partnerships is essential to carrying out our mission and scaling up the work we are committed to in 2020 and beyond.”

About Michael Boller
Associate Professor and Program Director, Sustainability
Areas of Interest: Biomechanics of aquatic organisms; ecology of life in moving water; sustainability
About Lynn Donahue
Assistant Director, Institute for Civic and Community Engagement; Adjunct Instructor
About The Center for Sustainability at St. John Fisher College

The Center for Sustainability was established as a Strategic Initiative of St. John Fisher College, to leverage the institution’s academic mission, use the campus as a living laboratory, and support impactful community engagement to improve the institution, create new knowledge and solutions, and provide students, faculty, and staff opportunities to help build a sustainable future for the College, our community, and our region.

540WMain will celebrate its 4 year anniversary with a party and extravaganza on Saturday June 20, 2020. In just four years the organization has become a pillar in the Susan B. Anthony neighborhood and a convener and curator of important and vital community conversations, classes, and programs. Your financial support helps us scale up this work in 2020 and beyond with a year long fundraising goal of $40,000


Published by Calvin Eaton

(he/his/him) Calvin Eaton is a disabled community educator, content creator, and social entrepreneur, whose area of expertise includes antiracism, equity, justice, instructional design, and program development. In 2016 Mr. Eaton founded 540WMain, Inc. a non-profit online and community-based organization for accessible education and events that promote justice for all.

2 thoughts on “540WMain Partners with St. John Fisher College’s Center for Sustainability for Community Engaged Learning Project

  1. Congratulations, Calvin. What a great connection for SJF to make, getting them in good hands at 540WMain—and you! John Strazzabosco



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