Diverse Women In Tech Spotlight | Dr. Deanna (Dee) Kimbrel

black woman professional photo dee kimbrel

“We are pleased to spotlight Dr. Dee Kimbrel a black woman in tech

Attend Diverse Women in Tech Mixer at Douglass Auditorium at 36 King Street 

Friday June 14th | 5pm-7pm

About Dr. Dee

Dr. Deanna (Dee) Kimbrel has worked as a diversity and inclusion practitioner, educator, entrepreneur, and administrator for the last 13 years. Some of her highlights and strengths include: organizational strategy, leadership development, consulting, public speaking, coaching, and corporate training. Dr. Kimbrel holds a Bachelor’s degree from the State University at Buffalo in Communication and International Business, a Master’s degree in Communication and Marketing from Rochester Institute of Technology and a Doctoral degree in Management and Organizational Leadership from University of Phoenix. Currently she works as the Diversity and Inclusion Project Manager for Paychex and as an online instructor for University of Phoenix. Dr. Kimbrel has a charismatic persona and dynamic abilities which allows her to create and cultivate an inclusive environment wherever she goes. Dr. Kimbrel resides in Rochester with her two sons; Dathan and Davaris.

Why did you choose a career in the technology sector?

DK: In my role, I support women in the Tech field

What women do you look up to as a role model in your industry?

DK: In the I&D world there are many women making strides every day. I look up too all women that are brave enough to be the first and only in an industry and position and make way for others.

From your perspective what is Rochester doing well to support diversity and women in technology?

DK: Rochester, does have a few things to support women in tech, however there are more pockets of women to reach out to

From your perspective what can Rochester do better to support diversity and women in technology?

DK: Rochester can do a better job of finding under the radar women interested in tech and train then up to become effectively leaders in the industry.

What advice would you give for black women looking to enter into the technology sector?

DK: Network, use social media to showcase and decide to work with companies that value and embrace diversity.

What do you like to do to self care?

DK: Talk to others in the same field or interested in the same work re-energizes me after I get depleted from the work I do.

What is it that inspires you to keep going as professional?

DK: Remembering how it felt to be voiceless in work environments that lack inclusion

Why should folks come out to this Diverse Women in Tech networking event?

DK: The more you learn about inclusion in tech, the louder your voice will be to spread awareness, advocate against injustices and speak up for yourself

Please list any contact info you’d like to include I’m open for speaking engagements and helping organizations increase inclusion in work environments (blog, twitter, email, FB, etc):

E-mail: deannankay@yahoo.cm

  • Linkedin: Dr. Deanna Kimbrel
  • Twitter: Deesaysso
  • DK: In my role, I support women in the Tech field

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