First Friday Artist Spotlight + Interview | Lavonne Barfield

black woman artist Lavonne Barfield painting live

“We are pleased to spotlight Lavonne Barfield our First Friday Featured Artist for June 2019”

Attend Lavonne’s Art Opening at Douglass Auditorium at 36 King Street 

Friday June 7th | 6pm-10pm

About Lavonne

LaVonne D. Barfield is a native to Rochester, NY and has been involved in the creative arts her whole life. She is a gifted multifaceted artist who has a heart for the youth of this city. LaVonne is a graduate of Wilson Magnet High School, and has a Bachelor’s degree in Libral Arts with the concentration in Advertising & Public Relations, and the certified minor in Athletic Coaching from SUNY Buffalo State College. This is Lavonne’s second art exhibit at a 540 space.

This is your second art exhibit with 540. What have you been up to since your last show?

LB: Since my last show at 540, I’ve  been quite busy. As a Multi-faceted artist I indulge in different mediums of creating, but as it comes to painting I’ve been blessed  to annually participate in the Black History Celebration Gallery Show side by side with other City of Rochester top African American Artists. I’ve also picked up the role of Assistant Art Director for a local art firm. Along  with that, focusing on my own LoveOn artwork experience, live painting , performance art and specialty paint night events. I’ve had installations, exhibits, commission pieces, corporate events, teaching the youth (some of our collaborative work is featured in this show) and most of all enjoying the journey.

How have you grown as an artist?

LB: I’ve developed as an artist in ways that go beyond the canvas. In this moment I’m the happiest I’ve ever been because I’m doing what I love, I have somewhat found my signature style and grown in my confidence to express whatever it is God places on my hear.  I am in the process of going back to school to gain a Masters degree in Art Therapy because I know from experience creating masterpieces are therapeutic and healing.

When you aren’t painting/drawing/photographing what are you doing?

LB: When I’m not creating artwork in the studio I’m either teaching classes as a substitute teacher for the Rochester City School District and Prophetic Art instructor for youth programs or working on kingdom advancement with my amazing tribe at Glory House International. Enjoying time with my loved ones or thinking about ways to put a little more love in this world, because everything is better with a little love on it.

What is it that inspires you to keep going as a professional artist?

LB: I’d have to say it’s as simple and as complex as its my Purpose Plan. I am a creative creation created to create so that’s what I must do. 

What can the community expect from this exhibit?

LB: This years exhibit is made up of several pieces from past collections and some collaborative work with my 5th grade students used in stage productions for a local theater company. A few pieces are designed specifically for this show which feature local models. The pieces all work together to produce a central theme of thinking outside the (Roc)Box. This means coming out of systemic thinking and low level mindsets. Free-form and organic design with mixed media integration piece challenges the viewer to come up with their own definition of what they see.

Why should folks come out to this exhibit? 

LB: The beautiful people of this city should come out to support the arts! Each one of a kind masterpiece was created with love because everything is better with a little love on it and you shouldn’t deprive yourself of the opportunity to receive pure love.

Is there anything else you’d like the readers to know?

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