Speaking Out Is Scary: In 2019 Do It Anyway by Calvin Eaton

If you’ve been out of the social media game for awhile then you might not be aware that I wrote my second open letter of the month; this time to Arena’s Inc. This time the injustice was due to a racial profiling incident I experienced while shopping in the establishment last week. What is my biggest takeaway from this experience:

Speaking up every single time about injustice is hard to do

This statement might come as a surprise coming from me given my antiracism education work and social media presence; but it’s so true. Calling out injustice whether from a local establishment, via social media, telling a co-worker their race joke is racist, sitting down with a close friend or family member letting them know that their viewpoint is xenophobic, or writing an open letter to a local owner about a perceived profiling incident is scary. Your heart beats fast. Your mouth goes dry. You might shake. You second guess your instinct. Questions fill your mind:

  • Was this a racist incident?
  • Should I let this go?
  • Will they hate me?
  • Am I overacting?

And you know what I am vowing for 2019 despite every thing I’ve mentioned above?

“Speak out every single time”

That’s’ right. No matter where you are or who you are with. When you see or hear injustice; speak out. Every single time. You don’t have to make a scene. You don’t have to become irate but you can use your privilege, your voice, your intellect to firmly call out injustice when you see it.

Take the Pledge 

So in 2019 take the pledge with me. No matter who you are or where you are when you see injustice or experience it; call it out. If the situation doesn’t lend itself to a in person confrontation then write a letter. Call the owner or call corporate. Take to social media. Start a change.or petition. Whatever method you choose make sure you hold perpetrators of injustice intentional or not accountable. This is the only way we can begin to change the culture of white supremacy. Everyone, everywhere has to speak out every single time.

When you speak out in 2019 share on social media and use hashtag #speakoutnow

Are you questioning your ability to call out and speak out about injustice? Get in touch! Submit your question below and I will personally help you figure out the best way to speak out! We are in this together.

Published by Calvin Eaton

(he/his/him) Calvin Eaton is a disabled community educator, content creator, and social entrepreneur, whose area of expertise includes antiracism, equity, justice, instructional design, and program development. In 2016 Mr. Eaton founded 540WMain, Inc. a non-profit online and community-based organization for accessible education and events that promote justice for all.

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