December Artist of the Month Spotlight | Allison McDonald

We are pleased to spotlight our December Artist of the Month Allison McDonald

About Allison McDonald

Allison McDonald is a 23 year old photographer from Rochester, NY. She recently graduated from SUNY Brockport with a degree in Studio Art and concentration in photography. She plans on going to graduate school for Art Therapy in the near future.

When did you begin your career as an artist?

AM: I’ve been pursuing photography for about 6 years now.

Where do you get the inspiration for your work?

AM: I get my inspiration from my own life experiences, the people I meet, and the environment. My overall inspiration is change.

What makes you want to be an artist?

AM: I enjoy being able to reach out to different audiences and being able to tell a story and express through art.

For you how does your art relate to wellness?

AM: To me, art relates to wellness because it is relaxing. When I’m editing photos and listening to music I’m relaxed and at ease.

How do you stay healthy as a creative?

AM: Honestly, I allow myself to take a break. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and feel like I have to constantly create. It’s very important to have balance and it’s ok to take a break to regain that balance.

What do you feel is the most challenging aspect of your career?

AM: The most challenging aspect would be dealing with negative comments about people who pursue art full-time or major in art related fields. It can be very discouraging at times, but remaining positive and working hard will get you where you need to be.

When you aren’t painting/drawing/photographing what are you doing?

AM: I’m either at work, resting, or looking up different photography techniques.

What is it that inspires you to keep going as an entrepreneur?

AM: Knowing that I can inspire someone to chase their dreams and tell their own story through art.

What are you working on now?

AM: Right now I’m working on a portrait series that will explore vitiligo. I plan on expanding this series by looking into albinism as well.

What has been your best experience so far as an artist?

AM: My best experience as an artist has been to inspire those around me.

What has been your biggest challenge as a company?

AM: A challenge I faced as an artist was staying motivated. I faced a time where I didn’t think photography would get me anywhere. I was discouraged in where it would take me.

Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how?

AM: I’m proud to say I have overcome that lack of motivation by simply trusting the process. By changing my “I want” statements to “I will” statements and believing in myself. By understanding that things take time and nothing happens over night. It took while, but gaining confidence in myself and my work really made a difference.

What advice do you have for others interested in pursuing a career in art/music?

AM: Don’t let anyone or anything get you down. Believe in yourself and trust the process. Always remember that hard work pays off, and never give up.

Is there anything else you’d like the readers to know?

AM: No/

To learn more about Allison or connect with her, reach out via the following channels


INSTAGRAM: allisonamphoto

FACEBOOK: Allison McDonald/ Allison A. McDonald Photography


Photo credit: Allison McDonald

RSVP for the Opening Art Reception w/Allison on Sunday December 10 from 4-6PM

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